Bellini at Milestones
Bellini at Milestones
Bellini at Milestones
Where to get Bellini


2013 Dec 15
Every time I head to Milestones, I have to have a Bellini. It's my default drink option here. It's so tasty!

2007 Sep 14
So good! I love bellini's and this one is really delicious! I usually order it with the extra shot (choice of raspberry vodka or pineapple rum...I go with the vodka because it has a higher alcohol content therefore you get more for your money) but I don't mix it in I just drink it as a shooter. Much cheaper than actually ordering a shooter and I can't resist a good deal. ;) I love the little drink animals too!

2007 May 25
...and I should mention that this "drink" is so good that guys should order it too. Who cares if people look at you funny -- it's delicious!

Fishbowl-sized, eh? Hmmm.... wow.

2007 May 25
Also comes in a fishbowl a real fishbowl :D

...darn i can't seem to find my picture of mine from last summer. oh well, google it. :)

2007 May 22
The famous Bellini!! DELISH! Perfect for the patio on a hot day.

"A frozen blend of premium white rum, peach liqueur and champagne, topped with Boone's sangria."


2007 Sep 14
Really good bellini. If you go on Bellini day (Wednesday I think) they are $5!


2007 Sep 22
They make a really tasty mango bellini.