Where to get Ham Hock

2007 Jun 8
Agree that the ham hocks at Lindenholf are very good. They are just hugh, in size and taste. And so was everything else german at this place. I went with a frauline and she said the spatzel was outstanding and so was the brat.

I used to go only for the weiner schnitzel, but have since learned to make it at home... pretty good.

But the ham hocks were stupendous. It was so large I had to take some home, and it tastes great as leftovers, as well.

I do however have a preference for fatty meats, foie gras and other decandent things... no, I actually don't eat a lot of chocolates.

Whenever I meet a german in ottawa I ask them where they eat. All have said Lindenholf. (I once asked the senior Mr Mrak of mark motors where he eats when he eats out. He says he doesn't eat out a lot, but when he does this is where he'd go.) It is also the oldest and first german rstaurant in ottawa. Think it's been through new owners though.

2007 Mar 19
Just saw this on the "Desperately Seeking" list. Have had the ham hocks several times and they are spectacular! Mmmmm, ham hocks!