Sunday Brunch Buffet at Aux Chantignoles (Fairmont Chateau Montebello)
Sunday Brunch Buffet at Le Café
Sunday Brunch Buffet at Le Café
Sunday Brunch Buffet at Perspectives Restaurant at Brookstreet Hotel
Sunday Brunch Buffet at Perspectives Restaurant at Brookstreet Hotel
Sunday Brunch Buffet at Perspectives Restaurant at Brookstreet Hotel
Sunday Brunch Buffet at Perspectives Restaurant at Brookstreet Hotel
Where to get Sunday Brunch Buffet

2009 Jul 2
SEASONAL (Late October thru to Late April)

Sunday Brunch is only available here in the Off-Season (Late October thru to Late April)... They typically offer two seatings (was 10:00 AM and Noon during Winter 2009).

The rest of the year they serve a regular Breakfast Menu on the Weekends 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


2007 Feb 28
We went there for a group gathering last Sunday (14 adults and 9 teenagers). The food was not bad. Many dim sum selection (of course you can't compare their dim sum against regular Chinese dim-sum places). The dessert selection also includes freshly made "Law Mi Chi" (the white soft ball coated with coconut pieces), coconut milk jello, sweet sesame ball. The soup includes sweet and sour soup, cream of mushroom, and 2 others type that I forgot what they are.

Anyway, for $12.89 per person, it is a good deal. No complaint. Besides, Chinese tea on the weekend is free. Our group discussed and rated the best Chinese Buffet restaurants in Ottawa as follows:

- Buffet Dragon (in Gatineau)
- Buffet Yanming

My friend told us not to bother with Dragon Lee in Kanata.

The worst one is Du Barry. However, their Fried Sticky Rice and Char Siu are very good though.

P.S. Our group still talked about the disappointing New Year buffet at Perspectives and it is something we don't want to try again in the near future.

2008 Jan 27
Wow! What a great all you can eat brunch buffet. Service was great, food was fresh and hot. I gather that the menu changes but off the top of my head, things I can remember:

Venison Stew, Wild Game Stew, Wild Boar ribs, Buffalo Meatballs, Wild Boar Roast, Emu Roast, Venison Roast. Also venison, wild boar and buffalo pepperonies.

Lots of standard breakfast fare (bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, etc), spatzle, red cabbage, all kinds of fresh fruit, desserts, and fresh squeezed apple and orange juices.

Deffinitly go with an empty stomach and remember to make reservations.



2007 Jan 2
Our family and another 8 families made the reservation for New Year brunch buffet here to celebrate New Year together. We had a request for the ladies to wear something red since red is a symbol for good luck and good fortune in New Year. The one with lots of red was awarded a small gift.

Last time we went to Merlot for New Year brunch buffet. But this year, Merlot charges $48 per person. We found it too expensive for buffet (you are talking about $65 per person after tax and tips for buffet lunch). Otherwise, we all prefer to go to Merlot to enjoy the panorama view and revolving experience again.

Anyway, Perspectives charges $32.50 per person. So, we voted to try the New Year brunch buffet at Perspectives.

Since we were very pleased with their dinner, we thought their New Year brunch buffet should be good to excellent. However, WE (I mean the majority of us) were quite disappointed, especially the service.

Since our group has a total of 32 people, we were given 4 round tables. We were not seated at Perspectives dining area. Instead, we got the private area behind the Options Bar for our group, which was very nice. We like it very much.

The made-on-order omelette was fine (typical hotel buffet food) and the French baguette toast was alright and I like the banana topping.

The "General Blackie's Chicken" was too sweet for my taste bud. Small amount is alright. The "nasi goreng" rice was fine. The "Pot stickers" was disappointing (my son told me the one I made at home is way better). I was told the "Lamb Vindaloo" was good.

The "green curry and coconut broth" was fine (but we complained that the temperature of the soup was not hot at all, only lukewarm temperature). For the majority of us, soup must be steaming hot.

The cold buffet has an array of Asian influenced menu, such as tuna, soba, smoked salmon, sushi, nigiri. The display was nice. But I don't think the taste were good (especially I had good sushi the night before). So, after few bites, I didn't eat too much of the cold buffet.

The dessert section was the excellent part. The way they displayed the dessert was very good. I really like the mango cheese cake. But some honeydew (in the fruit bowl) has gone bad, not fresh at all.

When we had the dessert, we had to ask the server to give us coffee. Every one told me they had to find the server to pour us coffee. The orange juices was nice. But then we had to remind the server to refill our glasses many times.

Anyway, it was a nice place for us to gather together. But the food was disappointing. The teenagers and young men (they had one table for themselves) weren't excited about the food either. Maybe they were still in sleep mode after the New Year Eve party.

I was too busy taking pictures for our friends. But I manage to take one photo for my plate.

2007 Jan 1
Here is the "Asian Pho - green curry and coconut broth infused with kaffir lime with select garnishes."

I've never heard of Pho with coconut milk in it, so I assume this dish was the result of some artistic license on the chef's part. But since I'm a fan of Tom Kha soup, I was excited to try this. The flavour was quite nice, but I'm afraid there was just too much rich coconut milk in it. With spring rolls and a light salad it would make a wonderful lunch, but it was too heavy for a buffet. The straw mushrooms were a welcome garnish.

Anyways, I really like how this buffet has a strong Asian theme to it!

2007 Jan 1
Here is part of the dessert table. The tiny lemon meringue tart was nice and the miniature crème brûlée was fantastic. Cakes and tortes (not pictured here) seemed to be of above-average quality.

2007 Jan 1
Good friends treated us to the family-friendly "New Years Eve Brunch Buffet" at Perspectives. It was our first visit to this place and we were quite impressed. Service was very friendly and not in the least bit snobby. Fresh squeezed orange juice poured at our table was a nice touch.

Considering this was a buffet, food quality ranged from good to excellent. The roast turkey was phenomenal, as was the French (baguette) toast with banana caramel sauce. I also found the "General Blackie's Chicken" to be quite addictive: sweet and salty but satisfying in small amounts. Potstickers were bland and salty and I couldn't find the hot sauce. The nasi goreng was quite good but the shrimp chips were nowhere to be seen. I also never saw the "Steamed Salt and Pepper Squid" -- I would have asked about it if I realized while I was there. As it was, there was so much food available that I lost track of how it measured up to their published menu.

Tea was steeped from high quality teabags in which you can see large tea leaves rather than the more common "tea dust." Nice touch!

This photo shows part of their "Cold Buffet" table, featuring sushi, salmon sashimi, seared tuna, Thai beef, and chilled soba noodles with ponzu/wasabi bouilllon.


2014 Feb 3
An hour's scenic drive along the Ottawa River, the oversized log cabin called Fairmont Le Château Montebello likely offers the best Sunday brunch buffet in the area.

This is a veritable feast combining standard buffet fare with more regional and exotic options such as foie gras profiteroles, roast bison, braised rabbit, smoked trout, lamb osso bucco, curried scallops, crab legs, game terrine, Grisons beef, and more. Quality is (obviously) not up to the level of made-to-order food, but it's well above most buffets and the variety is unbeatable.

The dessert tables were impressive, both in breadth and quality. The chocolate mousse was top notch and the tarte au sucre addictive. Everything else ranged from good to excellent.

I felt great after gorging myself on the food in this photo, which seems to be a sign of excellent quality ingredients. But I didn't eat again until 22 hours later. :-)

2008 May 25

Sunday Brunch is organized into two seatings, 11:30 and 1:30. Our family chose the latter, so that we’d be less rushed. There was 8 of us, 6 adults & 2 children. The huge log beamed and stone walled dining room looks out on the Ottawa River. We were seated on the lower level (there are food service stations on both floors). Tables were dressed with fine linens, china and heavy cutlery – old world service. After an exchange of hellos, cards & kisses we got down to the job at hand… the buffet. This is no ordinary buffet. There are basically 8 stations, set up as follows: Soup, Salad Bar, Mixed Salads, Cold Seafood, Breakfast Items, Mains, Cheese & Breads and Desserts. “The Man” and I began with the various cold selections… I chose the Mixed Salads and Cold Seafood, while he began at the Salad Bar. All food items were at a perfect temperature, and there was plenty to choose from. As a nice touch, every item is labelled with placecards in both French & English. The Seafood was amazing… Fresh Oysters on the half shell, large peel & eat shrimp, a variety of fish – tuna, mackerel, salmon all prepared different ways… I went for the salmon, there was smoked, cured (lox) and salmon salad all were outstanding.

Drink service is provided at the table by your server. Besides tea & coffee etc. ($3 and up), 4 white wines and 4 red wines were available by the glass ($7 to $10) – sadly though none of the 8 wines were much to speak of, evidently a decent selection however is available by the bottle (didn’t see the wine list, so I can’t comment). The server was attentive, pouring water and removing plates in a blink of an eye. A nice touch here is the fact that cutlery also is removed and replaced as needed, also sideplates were replaced if they had been used to collect items such as olive pits, shrimp shells, etc.

We both skipped out on the Breakfast Items (scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, etc) both instead deciding to check out the many mains on offer. The cornerstone here is the roast hip of beef, a huge cut with something to please all (Rare to Well Done). The usual accompaniments of horseradish, mustard and au jus were available. I added to my plate: new potatoes, roasted veggies, seafood paella, stuffed pasta, baked salmon. Unfortunately with so much to choose from, I passed on the duck, creamed veal, ratatouille, and others. Next I made a short trip back for a side plate of bread (there were so many types to choose from) and some fantastic cheeses. The majority were Quebec cheeses, and very tasty! After eating every delicious bite, it was time for a breather.

“The Man” ordered a coffee, and I a tea. The coffee was bottomless, and generously poured as we took the next 45 minutes chatting, relaxing and finding room for dessert. Tea service is the old fashioned kind (selection from a tea chest) and my tea came in a good sized stainless steel teapot with a proper pouring spout (no drips here), and kept the 3 cups within piping hot.

The desserts were out of this world… at least seven types of pie, including the required Sugar and Apple, Crème Brule, Crème Caramel, Mini Mille Feuilles, Custard, Mousse, Cheesecake, Mini Waffles and Crepe Suzettes with the appropriate toppings. The choice was mind boggling! I settled on a crepe suzette with a topping of caramel and maple syrup, with a side of warm cherries and whip cream. True decadence! “The Man” chose a large slice of pecan pie (his favourite).

Overall the experience was fantastic! The setting lovely, the service impeccable, and the food well worth the money ($39 for adults). In honour of Mother’s Day each of us ladies (2 Moms & a Gramma) were presented with carnations. After Brunch our party walked the grounds. Sunday Brunch includes access to the grounds & parking, additional activities can be purchased and added onto your package when you make your reservation (spa or golf). Montebello is a great way to spend a Sunday.


2014 Nov 2
Came here for brunch today. We have been in the past and have been impressed but not today. Of the hot dishes, only the roast beef got a passing grade. The ham and chicken were dry. How do you ccok a chicken thigh to be dry? Sausages were also dry, potatoes were cubed deep fry ones, which are okay but I expect better from them. My dessert, some sort of compote with fruit was too sweet. The baked desserts were dry. Presentation was also lacking. Smoked salmon, while it tasted okay, was piled up in clumps on a dish. I could go on but you get the idea. We also thought there were fewer dishes and when we asked the hostess she said the noon brunch buffet had been reduced in what they offer as had the dinner buffet. Don't think we'll be in a hurry to go back. Should mention though that the service was very good and friendly.


2007 Sep 30
A nice upscale brunch buffet with goodies such as freshly carved roast beef, eggs benedict made to order, snow crab claws, along with your standard breakfast/brunch fare like bacon, sausage, hash browns. There was quite a large dessert selection of pastries/pies/cakes as well, which I unfortunately didn't have room for. All of the food I sampled was excellent as I expected (and it better be for ~$40/head)

Service was friendly and efficient - plates whisked away quickly, water always full, coffee topped up accordingly. My only complaint - the lineup moved painfully slow! Like a slow crawl during rush-hour traffic. Come on people - it's a buffet you can always go back for more. Make reservations as seats fill up quite quickly here.




2006 Sep 29
Went there once. Decor was nice (the workmanship was bad though). Rumor has it that their dim-sum was from Toronto (came frozen). So, they steamed it to heat up the dim-sum. Wasn't impressed with the sushi either. Will I go back? Nah.


2008 Nov 30
Come for the view, the service, and the various smoked fish appetizers. Aside from that it's a pretty standard higher-end buffet, reminiscent of that found in other decent hotels like the Westin. Hot dishes were good, especially the ravioli and the prime rib. The rolls were dry and boring and the croissants weren't attractive.

Breakfast foods are usually the highlight of a brunch for me but in this case they were disappointing. The scrambled eggs were embellished with cheddar cheese, the sausages were large and a bit dry, and the hash browns were the deep-fried cubes. I was looking forward to the Potato Pancakes mentioned on their menu but they were offering some kind of sweet berry crepe concoction instead.

The dessert stand was impressive in appearance but the overall quality of the cakes was variable. A beautiful platter of fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) proved extremely popular with patrons. Some diners piled their plates high with just berries, leaving the serving plate empty for the rest of us. While perfectly "legal" in an all-you-can-eat buffet, I find the practice of gorging on one specialty item to be troubling. It's the same self-centered thinking that makes people think it's okay to abandon grocery carts in empty parking spaces, but that's another rant for another day. :-)

All in all, if you don't care about the view I think you'd be better off partaking of the Chateau Laurier's brunch for the same cost (more or less, depending on kid count).

2008 Mar 24
Six of us had 10:00 reservations for the Sunday Easter Brunch Buffet here yesterday. I'm not even going to try and name what was all on the menu so here's the link to their website:

The service was great and it was packed, reservations were of course a must. There was sooo many things to choose from! I really enjoyed the smoked fish, trout, mackerel, sturgeon and salmon. The fresh OJ and scones were amazing! Everything else was good, but just good, not superb like I was half expecting. Needless to say, we all left completely STUFFED, like to the point that I was hurting! We all tried different varieties of the desserts and we were actually disappointed. My bf actually had the best one, a chocolate cream cheese cake. It was $40 each so we were all trying to get our 'money's worth', hence the painful bellies we all left with! The view was spectacular, sunny and clear. This resaurant is perfect for a date or to bring people to who've come from out of town. I would love to go at night sometime.

2012 Feb 20
Highly recommend the Saturday buffet here ($13.95 for adults and $7.95 for children).

Large selection of all-you-can-eat:
- scrambled eggs, homefries, ham, bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast
- fruit salad, other sliced fruits (strawberries, grapefruits, oranges, etc), yogurt
- muffins, banana bread, cinnamon buns
- assortment of cheeses
- selection of cereals
- juice and toast are included

There is a price increase on Sunday however, I would be hard pressed to imagine what they could add for a higher price.

2007 Sep 13
Really nice brunch. Have been twice and will return again.




2012 Feb 16
Aside from the coffee, I found the macarons at the dessert table to be the most welcome surprise. All-you-can-eat *macarons*!!

The quality of all the desserts was a notch above what you would normally see at a buffet.

2012 Feb 16
As far as buffets go this is a pretty decent one. Selection is somewhat limited but the quality is relatively high, like a good cafeteria. You won't find some of the "traditional" things you might expect, like pancakes or a carvery station with roast beef and ham. But you will find some innovative combinations and Asian-influenced dishes.

And the coffee was absolutely spectacular!

2011 Feb 18
Brunch deal today

2010 Jun 15
Was here on Sunday for the brunch buffet and could not have been more impressed. It helped that it was a beautifully sunny day and we were able to sit right beside the canal.

The food was excellent, I can't think of one dish that I was disappointed in; the list of items from the web site is exactly what was served at the brunch. Particular standouts for me included the lamb and the homemade perogies. Service was great and they were very attentive to our two-year old daughter and our calls for copious amounts of coffee refills.

For the two of us (under five are free), our total with tip and tax was $73. If I remember correctly, this works out to about $10/person cheaper than the Laurier and I would say they are very comparable, with the advantage going to Le Cafe on a bright sunny day.

We will definitely be back to enjoy again.

2009 Jul 27
Le Café now serves Sunday Brunch! (Starting July 26th) Their sample menu can be found here: