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Where to get Gyoza



2013 Jan 6
We ordered delivery from Kochu on New Year's Eve. Ordering online was great and we placed our order early for a later delivery which was nice. The food was ok, not great, but I would give it another chance on a non-holiday meal when they might be less busy.

I had the veggie gyoza and it was my least favourite part of the meal. I found them over cooked and shriveled up. The filling was mashed together so I couldn't identify any particular flavour. There was definitely no way to tell what bits were mushroom or not.

2013 Jan 5
Gyoza!!!!!!! They have three different kinds of Gyoza; Beef, chicken and veggi. I tried all kinds
and veggi was the best!! When I chewed mushroom in the veggi Gyoza, it was so yummy!! Of course, beef and chicken were also awesome. I recommend this place if you are Gyoza mania~!!