Fried Rice at Mandarin Ogilvie
Fried Rice at Ging Sing
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2007 Jan 6
When I had this -- the vegetable fried rice -- at the restaurant, it was excellent. Albeit slightly different, so laden with crisp veg as to suggest it was healthful.

The delivery version was much less vegetabled -- not insufficient, but enough for me to label them as mildly inconsistent -- and I like more egg, myself.

But -- fresh and not at all bad.

2008 Jun 21
This is the fried rice with salted fish. At this point, if you are still hungry, the fried rice serves the purpose to fill your stomach.


2011 Aug 8
Normally I would avoid fried rice at a restaurant like this; I'd assume it was just a menu filler, but we were here with my Mom and she ordered it (the chicken fried rice, i think they have a few other types as well). It is excellent! Best fried rice I've had in Ottawa! Nice big pieces of chicken and scrambled egg, the obligatory peas, and an incredible umami tastiness. I wish I had some right now!