Potstickers at Brother Wu
Where to get Potstickers

2007 Oct 1
Mousse is definitely referring to the one across from the Manila Hut and 134 Market. It used to be Happy Buns Bakery (HK style buns), but they closed. F-i-H was referring to the one just down the street, as I see she *just* noted!

2007 Oct 1
You are talking about Dong Ling (across from 134 Market, where Happy Buns used to be) I'm assuming? DongLing (no space)the restaurant is up the street a few blocks close to the ChromeBoyz autoshop (where Wong Foo used to be). I noticed they had the same name but didn't know what Dong Ling (with space) was until now.

2007 Oct 1
I'm not sure if this comment is in the right place...since Food is Hot's comment mentions hot food, and tables, and all I found is a little shop that sells frozen dumplings in a big bag.

I had the lamb and chive dumplings (I think, the lady did not speak english so I just pointed to the list on the front of one of the freezers) and $9 bought enough to serve as appetizers for 5 people.

THESE were dumplings worth eating! If I still lived in the hood I'd be buying them often even though I could make my own. They are much better than the prepackaged ones in the freezer section at UniMart.


2008 Aug 29
Their pan-fried pork dumplings are alright in taste. Each one is big with generous amount of pork meat. But since we are good at making dumplings ourselves and our standard is quite high for this dish, their pork dumplings failed our taste and we will not order this again next time. (It is hard to compete with homemade potstickers.)

I taught my friend how to make pork dumplings and now she becomes an expert herself. Her son likes her dumplings so much that she makes about 200 potstickers each time she goes to see her son (of course she freezes the dumplings individually).