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Pan-fried dumpling stuffed with vegetables.

Potstickers, Vegetarian at Ging Sing
Where to get Potstickers, Vegetarian


2007 Apr 26
Had these last night, and I have to say, the ones I make at home are better. I also had the barbequed chicken with rice and greens, and all the food was bland. Service was good, and very fast, but the best part of the meal was the Tsingtao I had to drink with it. I won't be returning.

2007 Jan 6
Okay, okay. It does look like an ear.

But I just had them again, and, yum...

2006 Nov 10
Touché! The mysterious potsticker-face even looks more Expressionist than Cubist. Wonk, wonk!

2006 Nov 10
Picasso only needs one ear, preferably somewhere above his eye. Offer it to Van Gogh instead!

2006 Nov 10
Tell Picasso we've found his missing ear.

2006 Nov 10
Crave-worthy, these ones. Vegetarian potstickers are hard to find, and these ones were great.

Notable: the veg was crisp, flavourful, and finely diced. That kitchen's doing nice stuff.

Apologies for the picture quality of the remaining one I managed to snap before eating...

5 for $3.95 -- not bad.

2006 Dec 3
Now I actually haven't tried the Veg. Potstickers here yet, however I thought they were worth a mention because of the interesting variety and good price - plus the dumplings are handmade. I've been tempted to try them because the fillings seem so weird - if someone tries them please post to let me know how they were!

- Chives with Eggs ($4.99 for 25)
- Dandelion (!) ($5.99 for 25)
- Hezi - chives, eggs, rice noodles (1.09ea)