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"Marinara sauce (from Italian alla marinara 'sailor style') is another term for a simple and generally quickly made tomato sauce for pasta made without meat and usually including tomatoes, onions and herbs." -- Wikipedia

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Where to get Marinara Sauce

2006 Nov 8
Found at Hartman's: 'Paesana' brand (www.paesana.com/) sauces.

Their marinara is outstanding. Not the cheapest, at $6.39 for a 750mL jar, but worth it. It's got a lovely fresh taste, and is somewhat reminiscent of the stuff used at Fettucine's on Elgin Street.

No sugar, dehydrated anything, etc, and it tastes like it.

Edited to add: pass on their pesto, though. The basil seems to've been dried first. Yuk!

Edited to further add: A+ on their vodka sauce, though.