Tags: South Indian
Devilled dishes are cooked in a tomato-based chilly sauce imported from Sri Lanka. Condiments are added to suit the type of meat or fish. These dishes are moderately hot and complement any steamed dish, or other entree.

Where to get Devilled Chicken


2009 Jul 28
had the pleasure of being introduced to the chef one night when i was there w/ a bunch of friends (inc. people fr. other restaurants) -- they also ordered and thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

The manager (great guy) brought Chef out to introduce us and to swap restaurant stories (no other customers left). The man is past official retirement age, but on that question, his response is that he'd rather stay busy working in his kitchen than retire. Very modest, but friendly and energetic ... sort of a walking / breathing endorsement for the benefits of Sri Lankan / S. Indian food.

2009 Jul 28
This dish is great! I asked the chef to make how he would have it for himself.. Then make it twice that hot! Sooo good. So many chilis it rocked my world. The chef at the carling location is really great and has picked it up alot since last winter.

2006 Nov 1
This dish was just ok. It wasn't bad but it didn't "wow" me either. The chicken was extremely lean which I really admire.