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Bean curd.

Tofu at Brother Wu
Tofu at Mandarin Ogilvie
Tofu at Yangtze
Tofu at New Great Wall Restaurant
Tofu at New Great Wall Restaurant
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2007 May 13
Yes. I ordered this Bean Curd with Assorted Vegetables dish tonight as well. This taste was okay. Good portion with lots of big Chinese mushrooms. But next time we will probaby order "Assorted Meat and Bean Curd in Hot Pot", or "Deep Fried Marinated Bean Curd with Shrimp & Pork".

2006 Sep 30
The "Bean Curd with Vegetables" was really yummy. Order this one again!

2007 Mar 2
We always ordered the "Deep Fried Mashed Bean Curd". Tonight, we wanted to try other tofu dish. So, we ordered the "Soy Sauce Tofu puff with shitake on top of Choy Sum". Not bad!

NB. This is an vegetarian dish.


2007 Oct 5
This is the deep-fried tofu (the tofu in a tube and not the square shaped one). A little bit spicy and taste was good.

Note: My friend warned me not to order the Deep Fried Mashed Bean Curd at Yangtze. So, we ordered something different instead.


2008 Jun 21
The taste of the Bean curd with squid and assorted vegetables dish was not bad at all.


2009 May 14
Brother Wu's Stuffed Bean Curd with eggplant was excellent although one friend said that the bean curd was not elastic (or gelatin-like) enough. (My friend is a good cook at home and she has high demand of Chinese food. I told her not to demand too much in Ottawa.)

Next time I will order this dish again.