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떡볶이 (also tteok-bokki).

Korean cylindrical rice cakes in spicy gochujang sauce, usually with slices of thin fish cake.

Tteokbokki at Food Mood: Korean Kitchen
Tteokbokki at Food Mood: Korean Kitchen
Where to get Tteokbokki

2017 Dec 7
This time I did try the Kimmari ($6.65) with my Spicy Rice Cakes ($8.95) and it was a mistake. Piping hot and crunchy, it is as described on the menu: a pile of sweet potato glass noodles wrapped in a sheet of seaweed then lightly battered and deep fried.

Unfortunately, the kimmari was cooked in rancid oil, which had seeped in through the batter and soaked the noodles. I mentioned this to the owner so hopefully this was just a one-time mishap. Tip: if you smell rancid oil when you enter the restaurant you may want to stay away from deep fried menu items. I noticed the smell before ordering, but dismissed it as probably just old oil splashed on the stovetop or something...

The spicy rice cake tteokbokki was perfect as usual! They gave us a nice little sample of kimbap (sushi-type roll) and that's definitely what I'll get to accompany my spicy rice cakes next time!

2017 Nov 12
The Spicy Rice Cakes ($8.95) are thick, chewy, and super addictive. They ask what spice level you want and I chose to go one below the highest. This was spicy enough to hit the zippy zinger buttons but I could handle more and will request full spice next time.

The portion size is like a hearty snack so I padded my order with a small kimchi ($3) to make it a meal. That was a lot of kimchi to eat in one sitting! I think maybe the ultimate accompaniment to the tteokbokki would be the Kimmari (deep fried seaweed rolls stuffed with sweet potato noodles).