Where to get Bottarga


Jul 20
Has anyone seen this sold in Ottawa recently?

2015 Dec 18
La Bottega Nicastro tweeted the other day that they have bottarga from Italy in stock.

2015 Oct 7
It's really good - I have only had it a few times in the simplest pasta preparation, similar to as follows:

Substitute good, stale bread crumbs (use microplane), fried with olive oil and broken up anchovies and you are getting kinda close. Check Luciano's, I may have seen it there.

2015 Oct 5
That looks good! I have never had bottarga before but you have now piqued my curiousity! I hope I find some...

2015 Oct 5
Thanks for the update.

I see some use this 'wonder stuff' as a parmigiana substitute.

2015 Oct 5
Captain Caper I tied in a trip to the Glebe over the weekend and tried Il Negozio (most likely place to have bottarga) and also tried Whole Foods and Metro because they were on my route. None of them had it. I haven't made it to the Byward Market yet...

2015 Sep 30
Captain Caper I may be going to La Bottega over the weekend and may even be passing by Il Negozio in the Glebe as well. I can check while I am out and about this weekend if you'd like...

On another note have you tried the Bagel Shop? They seem to have smoked salmon and some fancier stuff there - maybe they would have bottarga?...

2015 Sep 29
Had no idea what 'bottarga' is.... googled... mullet caviar wax jerky loaf what?????

Now i'm intrigued.

2015 Sep 25
Where can I find some (Sicilian or Sardinian) bottarga in Ottawa ?

Can anyone confirm that any of the Nicastro's have it ?

Best price for something that is not old and dried out.

Just gotta have some of that umami goodness.