Fried Chicken Skins at Belmont Snack Bar
Fried Chicken Skins at Detroit Soul Food
Where to get Fried Chicken Skins

2015 Apr 30
Of course I had to try the Deep-fried Chicken Skins, which were unabashedly salty and greasy, as they should be. These crunchy and evilly addictive skins are seasoned with Maggi, drizzled with house aioli, and garnished with generous ribbons of barely-wilted celery and heirloom carrots. At $7, this is a bargain of a bar snack, made possible by a combination of low-cost ingredients and fair business practice. I was drinking cocktails but this snack makes me want to return for beer. So good.

2015 Apr 10
OMFG I have never even heard of this place, but I'd done a lot of experiments with cooking chicken skins and they are a truly incredible food!

I am definitely going here now!

2015 Apr 10
LeRoy doesn't have these on the menu (yet?), but he brings them out sometimes when he has them. OMFG! Sprinkled with some spicy salt and drizzled with a little Frank's, these are a pile of heaven.

They'd be amazing with beer. While DSF doesn't have a liquor license, you can book the restaurant for private parties and bring your own alcoholic beverages.