Spread made from apple sauce and spices. The name is misleading as there is no butter in it!

Where to get Apple Butter

2006 Dec 17
Re: Apple Butter yumminess:

I had an amazing sandwich in a little town in upstate New York once - it was roasted turkey, apple butter, a slice of ham and melted cheddar. TRY IT AT HOME - the combination is mouthwatering.

2006 Sep 21
I'd like to try a muffin recipe that calls for apple butter. I know that you can get apple butter at some orchard farms close to the city, but is there anywhere in the city where I can find it?

2006 Oct 23
hey you can get awesome apple butter at the lansdowne market every sunday between 10am and 4pm until the last weekend of october (as in next weekend or wait til spring). i tried it and am going back for a couple of jars to last the winter. at 4 bucks a jar its great price too, but the taste is what matters.

2008 Sep 27
available bulk near the other pie fillings at the South Keys location.

2007 Apr 30
I've seen this in bulk at the Gloucester location where they have the natural peanut butters, pie fillings etc.

2006 Dec 17
Available in jars (not bulk) near the honey and soy lecithin (seen in the Kanata location).