Where to get Vanilla Extract


2018 Mar 19
We are no longer making vanilla extract.

The cost of vanilla beans is so astronomically high that it just can't be done.

Hopefully the future will see sanity return to the global price on vanilla beans so that I can continue.

On that note, we are completely sold out of plain and rum vanilla, but ...

If you know anyone who would like 10 liters of brandy vanilla, let me know at info@reallyhorrible.ca. That's 85x 120ml bottles and is the last of our stock for sale.

2013 Mar 22
I've tried the Brandy Vanilla which I found at the Manotick Village Butcher and I really like it. It makes the best whipped cream and hard sauce. The vanilla bean in the bottle is a nice touch. Kudos Rizak.


2013 Jun 3
We like to chat each other up when I'm there on the weekends to pick up some chocolatines and/or croissants and/or almond croissants and/or etc.

I brought him a couple of bottles of MY vanilla as a gift one time, not realizing that he makes and sells his own! Faux pas. Anyway, he accepted the gift and complimented me on mine some time later. Such a classy guy. I love him to pieces.

I haven't tried theirs, but his list of ingredients is similar to mine, so only the highest quality.