Beef Brisket at Craft Beer Market
Beef Brisket at Gourmet Grub
Where to get Beef Brisket


2015 Jun 5
Brisket sandwich was full of smokey goodness. Just a bit of sauce, made it perfect!

2016 Sep 15
The Lanark Highlands isn't known as much of a foodie destination, considering there are probably only about a dozen restaurants in the entire township. Of course, if you're a maple syrup, pancake and sausage fan, Wheeler's and Temple's are hits. Cheap greasy hangover breakfasts can be had at Lanark Landing and the Hopetown General Store. Farm gate eggs, veggies, and various meats are on offer if you take the backroads. The Back Forty artisan cheese farm sits just outside the township boundary in North Frontenac. Wild edibles, deer, and wild turkey abound, but few eateries offer prepared meals using this bounty. The Village of Lanark is tiny, but supports four eateries - the pizza shop, aforementioned Landing, and two permanent chipstands, which offer much more than your typical fry truck. Munchin' Junction, located at the main crossroads, offers a delicious fried chicken club. Across the street, Gourmet Grub serves up a variety of indulgences, including Breakfast Poutine (homemade homefries topped with plenty of bacon and cheese curds, finished off with a fresh, local, free-range sunnyside-up egg and Hollandaise sauce), and of particular note, house-smoked local beef brisket sandwiches with caramelized onions, mushrooms, & house BBQ sauce, served on buttered, toasted bread similar to a grilled cheese, as pictured. Highly recommended, and they're staying open till the snow flies.

2018 Apr 14
A satisfying dinner: tender beef brisket with a mild hot sauce, a side of grilled vegetables and crispy potatoes.