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Ham slices and pulled pork, cheese, mayo, pickles, on a ciabatta.

Cuban Sandwich at Quitters Coffee
Cuban Sandwich at Trailer Pork Boys
Cuban Sandwich at Trailer Pork Boys
Where to get Cuban Sandwich



2013 Jul 30
The Cuban was a good Sammy even with the overly sweet pork with no smoke profile, the ham in the sandwich took away that sweetness along with the pickles helped to mask the pulled pork. For the price a great deal.

2013 Jun 17
There was a bottle of Franks and some other hotsauce on the counter when i was there.

Totally agree on the cuban, it's a winwich.

2013 Jun 14
The pulled pork Cuban sandwich here is tasty and satisfying. The ingredients work well together -- sweet meaty pulled pork, salty ham, sour pickles, creamy garlic sauce and cheese. The only thing really missing was spice. I can see avoiding heat in the pulled pork to appeal to the masses, but a bottle of Chalupa or something would be nice to have on the condiment counter.

Anyway, this is good stuff. $7.50 for the sandwich, $5 extra to make a combo with fries, coleslaw, and a soft drink. Normal prices for small fries and soft drink are $3.50 and $1.50 so you get the coleslaw for free.

The fries are of nice quality and my wife's schnitzel sandwich was also really good. Next time, I will get the Pulled Pork Poutine I saw others eating. However, I will ask for poutine gravy instead of BBQ sauce. I don't need more sweetness than what's already in the pork! The Large is absolutely massive.

2015 Sep 16
The lunchtime Cubano sandwich (about $9 I think) was exceptional. Loaded with a thick slab of roast pork, deli ham, cheese, excellent pickle slices, mustard, and dressing. The bun appeared to be the standard Costco multigrain "ciabatta", kicked up a notch through toasting in a panini press.

Served with addictive potato chips, this is a delicious and high quality sandwich!